We are in 2017 and the system of school is just ancient and unappealing. This is an opinion of mine and many, MANY other people.. I mean students. This random, possibly great idea just popped in my head and I just had to write it down. I mean saying it aloud took me about 15 minutes to put together but I think I got it right now.

Now this idea doesn’t affect the entire school system but as far as high school, college and university students are concerned, they might wanna hear this bomb shit. It’s a common and standard occurrence that we each matriculate into fields that appeal to us most, the ones in which we find the most enjoyment, I mean if you aren’t doing what you love, then what are you doing? We do multiple courses, assignments and projects some of which aren’t even important to us and will never be needed in our field… Why is that? And then on top of that, we are TESTED on how well we remember what they force us to read, recite, sing, act, you get the idea. Now don’t get me school can be enjoyable, I believe it but just hear me out.

What if we had a different way of attaining our accolades, degrees, certificate etc. and this is where my idea comes in. Imagine, instead of each person of attending class and the other shit, they worked. Lets break it down in an example. Katherine is fresh out of high school, after her tenure there, she has decided that she really wants to dive into marketing, media production and mass entertainment. She is thoroughly and undoubtedly passionate about this. Now in order for her to gain some access and reap the rewards from this field she’ll have to work. She must work in the field, learn the tricks of the game, attain her points (yes its a point system) and she will be rewarded with BOTH experience and her degree. Essentially, the quality and effort of your work will determine your level of expertise and where you stand in the field. I think an environment and overall system of this nature would a motivator to anyone in their field. You’re still working for a degree, yes, but in a different way.  I mean there maybe some disadvantages to the system but I cant see them right now.

Read it again if you have to. Make additions if you want. I don’t have a name to place on the method but I think its promising.



Until next time.


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