My focus

If there was an award for the person with the shortest attention span, I would get it. No doubt. And it’s so ironic, I pay attention to detail somewhat especially where my school work is concerned. I’m almost never satisfied with stuff I’ve done. Its really borderline obsessively compulsive but its an attribute of my personality, I wear proudly. Where my focus is concerned, I’m concerned about a few things, school, family, what I’ll be doing after school and of course, will I be my happiest self?

To be honest, school should be my top focus or priority or whatever but it isn’t. Now this doesn’t mean I’m slacking off and shit, it just means.. you know… I like being happy, school isn’t particularly a contributor to my happiness. it is more of an investment into my self and future and family and blah blah. (you know what I mean). So where is my focus? My focus is happiness. I am burdened with mood swings and random depression. It’s not that (therapist, psychologist) type depression, it’s more of (what have you accomplished) depression. I really feel many of us go through it and it just shows we want more right? Like who wants to be the smallest fish in the pond? I don’t.

I don’t want fame though. Fame brings expectations of people you have yet to meet. It lets you believe that “oh, they want to see this right now” or “what should I do for them now?”. I mean my opinion may be flawed but I rather be quiet, successful whilst enjoying life’s greatest offering. The sad thing is I started this post 16 days ago and I’m just getting around to it. I apologize, university sometimes doesn’t allow such pleasures. I have found a workaround though (yay). I have a burst of energy in the morning; mornings like these, and so this is when I will post. Why not post at my favorite part of the day?


Yes you just learnt something new about me. Thanks for reading.


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