Say cheese

Photography is and has been somewhat of a hidden interest of mine. I undoubtedly enjoy it so much, just shooting random stuff, nothing in particular, just point and shoot. Ironically, I don’t enjoy the camera much, I mean, shit, I take selfies but for someone to point and shoot me; my heart cringes (I wanna die). Where did this love come from? My mom definitely has a hand in this. No, she’s not a photographer but she is umm photogenic.. Lol. She loves taking pictures, when I say love, I means love. When I was younger, we would literally go to the photo studio on Saturdays just take pictures. And this was not because we didn’t have a camera for ourselves, it was because she ran out of film on our camera and she had more pictures to take. Lol.

Back then, I didn’t mind the photography; honestly when I’m in my Mom’s company, I feel empowered, she just had that effect on me, being the strong woman she is. I’m straying sorry.. I was intrigued by the technology behind the camera, I didn’t fully dive into it though, just admiration from afar. Fast forward to when I got my first smartphone, I’m not talking a blackberry, I’m taking a phone with camera comparable to a DSLR, my OnePlus One. I found myself jumping in photography again. Take pictures fairly well, reading about it, asking around etc. 

I feel as though if I ever get a capable camera, a great teacher or a decent YouTube tutorial lol, I’ll be really good. I will get there though, I want to take pictures, not professionally, or anything but just as an outlet for me just like this; you see what I see. Sounds cool right ? I think so too. I’ll also take randoms of my girlfriend because she hates em.. 

Hope you enjoyed this reading. More to come. 


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