We are in 2017 and the system of school is just ancient and unappealing. This is an opinion of mine and many, MANY other people.. I mean students. This random, possibly great idea just popped in my head and I just had to write it down. I mean saying it aloud took me about 15 minutes to put together but I think I got it right now.

Now this idea doesn’t affect the entire school system but as far as high school, college and university students are concerned, they might wanna hear this bomb shit. It’s a common and standard occurrence that we each matriculate into fields that appeal to us most, the ones in which we find the most enjoyment, I mean if you aren’t doing what you love, then what are you doing? We do multiple courses, assignments and projects some of which aren’t even important to us and will never be needed in our field… Why is that? And then on top of that, we are TESTED on how well we remember what they force us to read, recite, sing, act, you get the idea. Now don’t get me school can be enjoyable, I believe it but just hear me out.

What if we had a different way of attaining our accolades, degrees, certificate etc. and this is where my idea comes in. Imagine, instead of each person of attending class and the other shit, they worked. Lets break it down in an example. Katherine is fresh out of high school, after her tenure there, she has decided that she really wants to dive into marketing, media production and mass entertainment. She is thoroughly and undoubtedly passionate about this. Now in order for her to gain some access and reap the rewards from this field she’ll have to work. She must work in the field, learn the tricks of the game, attain her points (yes its a point system) and she will be rewarded with BOTH experience and her degree. Essentially, the quality and effort of your work will determine your level of expertise and where you stand in the field. I think an environment and overall system of this nature would a motivator to anyone in their field. You’re still working for a degree, yes, but in a different way.  I mean there maybe some disadvantages to the system but I cant see them right now.

Read it again if you have to. Make additions if you want. I don’t have a name to place on the method but I think its promising.



Until next time.


Bad Company

During my childhood, I was afforded the opportunity to attend a prominent preparatory school located in Montego Bay. During my tenure I exceled as most of us that age did; the work was easier and the term deadline was non-existent. Fast forward into Grade 6, where things got real serious because of GSAT. This was the time to settle down and show what you have. The fear of failing, the potential embarrassment of yourself and family name, the pressure was on. I approached this grade very different in the beginning, I was focused, I joined extra evening classes, and no it wasn’t because a girl I liked was going there too but anyways, serious time. Somewhere down the line, the focus disappeared and I drifted… I started to hang around the labelled “troublemakers” of my class. They seemed cool at the time, the girls were always with them and well it was never a dull moment with them, or so I thought.

One eventful day, the teachers were forced to take drastic measures, why? We got out of hand, honestly looking back, we were horrible, I won’t go in details, but the girls who were showcasing puberty early hated us most of all. So the teachers and principal called our parents in, I imagine the conversation going like “Hello Ms. Oc***, We need you to come the school immediately.” If I know my mother well, she asked why and apparently the teachers refused to say why. Side note, the teachers did not let us, the students, know that they were in fact calling our parents.

One by one each of my friends’ parents arrived at the class disappointed and weary of us, the culprits. Some of them were scolded, humiliated, taken home, we all knew what they meant when they said “home” too; it was painful to watch. The intensity and overall anger level of the parents went through the roof when my mother arrived. To list everything in a perfect chronological order, she arrived, she listened quietly to the teachers and principal remarks all whilst giving me no form of eye contact. Once she was finished listening, the tears started to flow, hers, not mine, not yet for that matter. During all this, I’m just sitting in my chair, picturing my funeral, and how I wanted everyone in cheerful colours. After the tears, came the shouting and scolding and then silence. It is at this point, I held my head on my desk, embarrassed beyond belief. A couple minutes later I decide to hold my head up and to my disbelief, there she was, my mother removing a black leather belt from her purse; it was folded ever so neatly. She struck me one, the entire class gasped and that I explains why, when I gasped, it felt like there was no air left in the room. I twisted approximately 175° degrees in the chair as my skin caught on fire. The second blow was similar to that of Serena Williams in a final, so much so that the belt broke against my back and fell on the ground. She left immediately after and the second most embarrassing thing I had to endure after that ordeal was picking up the weapon used in the act. The tears flowed even harder after I held it in my hand. The teacher wanted to smile, I am 100% sure of it. Surprisingly none of my classmates laughed, I was actually comforted by some of them. I knew what I had done, I knew that I wasn’t the David she grew so well, I knew that the rest of that week would be stressing and finally I knew what I had to do.

The moral of this story is that you should always be mindful of the company you keep, it may come to define who you are and you may fatally adapt their traits or become even worse. Also to dishonour your parents is one of the worst feelings in this world. I was always a reserved

My focus

If there was an award for the person with the shortest attention span, I would get it. No doubt. And it’s so ironic, I pay attention to detail somewhat especially where my school work is concerned. I’m almost never satisfied with stuff I’ve done. Its really borderline obsessively compulsive but its an attribute of my personality, I wear proudly. Where my focus is concerned, I’m concerned about a few things, school, family, what I’ll be doing after school and of course, will I be my happiest self?

To be honest, school should be my top focus or priority or whatever but it isn’t. Now this doesn’t mean I’m slacking off and shit, it just means.. you know… I like being happy, school isn’t particularly a contributor to my happiness. it is more of an investment into my self and future and family and blah blah. (you know what I mean). So where is my focus? My focus is happiness. I am burdened with mood swings and random depression. It’s not that (therapist, psychologist) type depression, it’s more of (what have you accomplished) depression. I really feel many of us go through it and it just shows we want more right? Like who wants to be the smallest fish in the pond? I don’t.

I don’t want fame though. Fame brings expectations of people you have yet to meet. It lets you believe that “oh, they want to see this right now” or “what should I do for them now?”. I mean my opinion may be flawed but I rather be quiet, successful whilst enjoying life’s greatest offering. The sad thing is I started this post 16 days ago and I’m just getting around to it. I apologize, university sometimes doesn’t allow such pleasures. I have found a workaround though (yay). I have a burst of energy in the morning; mornings like these, and so this is when I will post. Why not post at my favorite part of the day?


Yes you just learnt something new about me. Thanks for reading.

Say cheese

Photography is and has been somewhat of a hidden interest of mine. I undoubtedly enjoy it so much, just shooting random stuff, nothing in particular, just point and shoot. Ironically, I don’t enjoy the camera much, I mean, shit, I take selfies but for someone to point and shoot me; my heart cringes (I wanna die). Where did this love come from? My mom definitely has a hand in this. No, she’s not a photographer but she is umm photogenic.. Lol. She loves taking pictures, when I say love, I means love. When I was younger, we would literally go to the photo studio on Saturdays just take pictures. And this was not because we didn’t have a camera for ourselves, it was because she ran out of film on our camera and she had more pictures to take. Lol.

Back then, I didn’t mind the photography; honestly when I’m in my Mom’s company, I feel empowered, she just had that effect on me, being the strong woman she is. I’m straying sorry.. I was intrigued by the technology behind the camera, I didn’t fully dive into it though, just admiration from afar. Fast forward to when I got my first smartphone, I’m not talking a blackberry, I’m taking a phone with camera comparable to a DSLR, my OnePlus One. I found myself jumping in photography again. Take pictures fairly well, reading about it, asking around etc. 

I feel as though if I ever get a capable camera, a great teacher or a decent YouTube tutorial lol, I’ll be really good. I will get there though, I want to take pictures, not professionally, or anything but just as an outlet for me just like this; you see what I see. Sounds cool right ? I think so too. I’ll also take randoms of my girlfriend because she hates em.. 

Hope you enjoyed this reading. More to come.